• This course is designed for students wishing to improve their Creative Writing skills


  • Students should have an intermediate level of English before attempting this course.
  • A computer with internet access (for forum posts)
  • A PDF file reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader)


  • Approx. 30 hours

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify/recognize different types of Academic Writing including Screenplays, Fictional Novels, Poetry and Creating Podcasts
  2. Identify/recognize the use of different kinds of language during the different styles of writing
  3. Identify, Explain and Justify the use of different kinds of language during the different styles of writing
  4. Identify/Employ different creative techniques to develop various creative output

VIP Silver – includes access to the practice tests (where appropriate) during the course and the End of course certificate.

VIP Gold – all VIP Silver features plus weekly forum feedback and weekly group conferences through Zoom or TenCent Meeting (Voov) where you can practice with an EDUZMS Language specialist.

34 reviews for Creative Writing – VIP Gold

  1. tt

    nice course😻

  2. Pu Jiayue

    The course is of great use, which improves my creativeness and writing skills a lot.

  3. HuangYuqiao

    A really nice and clear course, in which I learnt the basic novel writing, screen play writing, poem writing skills.

  4. JiangYifan

    Brilliant! I have got too much. And Mr James is humorous, which makes the class quite interesting!

  5. Yuan Junkang

    Very nice course, I learned a lot of useful things

  6. tangmenghaoran

    good course👍🏻

  7. jiangyao

    It’s a very special crouse and I learnt a lot from it.

  8. Ma Pingyue


  9. Chen Xinhui

    Wonderful course!I love it.

  10. Li Runtao

    This course tought me a lot of things,like giving a chance for me to creat a program or a fiction

  11. Y Yuchong

    Wonderful course!!!

  12. Li Runtao


  13. 郎楚涵(lang chuhan)

    Pretty well! I learned a lot

  14. Hu Liyin

    This course teaches us several creating tools, it’s extremely useful while a bit difficult to finish work sometimes.


    nice and friendly teacher, inspiring and effective course!

  16. 赵修钰(Zhao Xiuyu)

    It’s really a good course that can help you learn a lot about hoe to writing difficult text.Those methods are really useful in life.

  17. liao feiyang

    a good lesson

  18. 李瑞林


  19. Gao Siqi

    I like this course very much!

  20. Li Ruilin

    Wonderful course! Under a talkative and experienced teacher’s guidance, you can harvest something very useful and have a systematic knowledge of writing.


    nice course

  22. wang puji

    Great course!

  23. Guoyanqi

    The course is excellent.It improves my writing skills.

  24. Dai Pingting

    Wonderful course!

  25. zhaoyiming

    It’s a great lesson,I’ve learned a lot about how to create stories

  26. Li peixian

    a good lesson.

  27. Li Yuqi

    I got several quiet useful tricks. And I also had my first time to write my screenplay. That’s interesting.

  28. Cai Jiaxing


  29. Zhao Moxuan

    As its name, a creative and inspirational course, a brilliant start point for English writing.I’ve also learned lots of kinds of way to creating like some software(audacity)

  30. Zhang Yifei

    Nice course!

  31. Zhang xueya


  32. Lut

    A very nice class!!!

  33. Lut

    A very nice class and a good teacher!!!

  34. Y.Chen

    nice course

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