This course is designed for undergraduate/postgraduate students to have a deeper understanding of cross-cultural communication.  Each student will assess different cultures and compare them to China and other countries.  A variety of topics will be discussed weekly covering:

  • Relationships
  • Clothes, Appearance and Fashion
  • Science and Technology
  • Superstitions and Beliefs
  • Films and TV
  • Music
  • Changing Lifestyles
  • Consumerism
  • Nature and Animals
  • Communication Skills
  • Outstanding People
  • Work/Business

Expectations and Goals:

On completion of this course, students are expected to:

  • Have an understanding of different topics and how this relates to culture
  • Be able to discuss a variety of social/cultural topics
  • Confidently present/communicate to others on a variety of social/cultural topics
  • Be able to research information on a variety of social/cultural topics


47 reviews for Culturally Speaking – VIP Gold

  1. Tong Zhou


  2. Lyu Xingyu

    Wonderful course ! James is really kind and always uplifting ! Yeaaaah~

  3. 鏋楃洓鏄奭

    excellent. it gives me a lot help in studying English

  4. Zhang Jingwen

    The teacher is really kind and skilled! An excellent class!

  5. zhihao xu

    Excellent course, my oral English has been improved while learning about different cultures around the world

  6. 璧靛┃缁碷

    A very good lesson though which I learn a lot about different cultures

  7. Yuchen Liu

    Excellent course. Useful knowledge & skills learned. The lecturer is very nice, humourous, and knowledgeable.

  8. Liu Zichen

    Through this course, I gained a lot. I improved my oral English, and learned a lot about the cultural differences between China and the West. A very good course

  9. Helen

    Awesome for learning English!! I love it

  10. Bella

    The teacher is really kind and skilled!An excellent class!

  11. Yang Zijian

    Professor James is so nice! He is very humorous and sincere. What impresses me mostly is that every time we don’t understand what he wants to express, he will even speak in Chinese directly, which is so interesting. In a word, this class is marvelous!

  12. Wang Anqi

    Great class. It has enabled me to gain a lot of knowledge and broaden my horizon, and I have a preliminary understanding of the culture of other countries. It also improves my thinking and speaking ability.

  13. Zhang Ruihao

    gain a lot and enjoy the class

  14. xiatengfei


  15. cheryl

    very good

  16. 娓告槅闇朷


  17. Tan Xi

    Good course for improving speaking fluency, at the same time learn culture diversity

  18. Yao Kangyu

    Wonderful. My English presentation ability is improved greatly.

  19. Yangzimin

    perfect course if you wanna know something about culture or want to practice your speaking

  20. Zikun Zhang

    Very interesting course! We talked about interesting topics in class.

  21. Dong Wenzhuo

    wonderful course. I earn a lot lol

  22. Dong Wenzhuo

    really brilliant course. I earn a lot lol

  23. Dong Wenzhuo

    really brilliant course

  24. Huang Dayu

    The class give me an opportunity to speak in public each week and learn about the cultures of many countries

  25. Zhang Dingxi

    fantastic course and super nice teacher.You can learn a lot about culture difference while improve your oral English.Don’t miss it!

  26. Zhang Dingxi

    Really Fantastic course and super nice teacher. You can really learn a lot about culture difference while improve your oral English

  27. Sun Ji

    I love the communication in different topics and they provide a marvelous experience to discuss the culture. Sooo good!

  28. Sun Ji

    I love the communication in different topics and they provide a marvelous experience to discuss the culture

  29. Hu Weiteng

    very good! This class practiced my oral English a lot and taught me a lot about other cultures

  30. Hu Weiteng

    very good and very interesting! I learned a lot through this course.

  31. Li Xinheng

    Excellent course!Really enjoy learning and speaking in class

  32. cheryl

    This course is very interesting! I have learned a lot through teacher’s words and searching on the Internet.

  33. Jennifer

    Awesome course

  34. Jennifer

    The teacher is very nice and patient

  35. Liu Senhao

    James is very nice and the activities in his class are very interesting

  36. fuliao


  37. jerrylou

    easy and happy course.i learn a lot

  38. zhulin

    so good

  39. Li Yuli

    great teacher!

  40. yangchaozhu


  41. An Pengyuan

    It can improve my oral speaking

  42. Xiong yuqi


  43. Li chunhui

    IT’s a class where you can improve your English greatly!

  44. nice

    very nice

  45. Zhangjiaying

    Good!I love this course!

  46. Kexi Liu

    The course was fun, but it was a little difficult for me, but I enjoyed it.

  47. huang guanglin


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