This course is designed for undergraduate/postgraduate students to have a deeper understanding of cross-cultural communication.  Each student will assess different cultures and compare them to China and other countries.  A variety of topics will be discussed weekly covering:

  • Relationships
  • Clothes, Appearance and Fashion
  • Science and Technology
  • Superstitions and Beliefs
  • Films and TV
  • Music
  • Changing Lifestyles
  • Consumerism
  • Nature and Animals
  • Communication Skills
  • Outstanding People
  • Work/Business

Expectations and Goals

On completion of this course, students are expected to:

  • Have an understanding of different topics and how this relates to culture Be able to discuss a variety of social/cultural topics
  • Confidently present/communicate to others on a variety of social/cultural topics 
  • Be able to research information on a variety of social/cultural topics


VIP Silver – includes access to the practice tests during the course and the End of course certificate

VIP Gold – all VIP Silver features plus weekly forum feedback and weekly group conferences through Zoom or TenCent Meeting (Voov) where you can practice with an EDUZMS Language specialist.

51 reviews for Culturally Speaking – VIP Gold

  1. Jason

    A good course.

  2. 李洪曦

    Really useful and interesting

  3. Zijian Zhong (verified owner)

    The course is absolutely fantastic!

  4. Xicheng Xu (verified owner)

    It is definitely worth it

  5. 傅靖涵 (verified owner)

    very good

  6. 宋炎隆(Yanlong Song, Mario) (verified owner)

    A wonderful course! James is nice! I’ve learned a lot from the course.

  7. Liqiang Zou (verified owner)

    The teacher is humorous and the classroom atmosphere is relaxed. I have gained a lot

  8. 王鹤九 (verified owner)

    Good and interesting, James was humorous and reliable.

  9. Yihan Chen

    Very very good! I have learned a lot about other countries’ culture.

  10. Chujun Ding (verified owner)

    The cause really bring me a more broad view on these topics involved.And my speaking skills progressed.

  11. yinglin wang

    The teacher is humorous and interesting. The class content is very attractive. In short, it is very nice

  12. Wu, Zipeng (verified owner)

    Great design.

  13. Yiyang Li

    Excellent courses,it makes me think a lot and know a lot of knowledge about other countries.

  14. xiaoran chen

    the teacher is humorous and nice. this class is captivating and makes me learnt a lot.

  15. Yunpeng Liang (verified owner)

    He is a humorous teacher and in class, he always lead us to think about differences between culture. And also in his class, my spoken English has been improved.

  16. jiawen su (verified owner)

    very very good

  17. Wenzhe Zhang (verified owner)

    Our teacher James is a very humorous and learned gentleman. His classes are always attractive and interesting and i learned quite a lot of cultural stuff from them. I’ve also received a lot of suggestions on how to deliver a presentation. I really hope i can choose this amazing course in next semester!

  18. sujw (verified owner)

    very very good

  19. 马一凡 IVAN (verified owner)


  20. Gary 黄柯瑞 (verified owner)

    very good

  21. zhouyunlong (verified owner)

    Most of the topics involved in this course are closely related to daily life, so that students have topics to talk about. And through the stage display, the students’ expression ability was exercised.

  22. 牛牧童


  23. Zhang wanghaoming

    Good courses,interesting

  24. jie long Chen


  25. Rong Rong (verified owner)

    very good

  26. 李昭辉 (verified owner)

    Amazingly interesting and useful. Worth it.

  27. Zhangjianing (verified owner)

    very good

  28. Junjie Wu (verified owner)

    James is awesome! I enjoy the course

  29. Yanjun Li (verified owner)

    Great course. Love James

  30. aoyu zhang


  31. Yunpeng Li (verified owner)

    This course is really good.

  32. Li yang (verified owner)

    very good

  33. 丁钰航 (verified owner)

    a good course

  34. 李卓衡 (verified owner)

    love James!

  35. yaoshunwen (verified owner)

    nice teacher, yeah

  36. yry

    good course good James

  37. Mao (verified owner)

    i love u,James

  38. 赖雨颉 (verified owner)

    interesting and nice

  39. cby


  40. 周骏丰 (verified owner)


  41. Yao Xiao (verified owner)

    good course, teacher gives us a great experience of improving our english skill

  42. Shu Jie (verified owner)


  43. Yu Luyang

    A f**g excellent course I have ever taken

  44. Zhang Jianan (verified owner)

    Great!Love James!

  45. 戴小龙

    James Yyds!

  46. 何炜


  47. 顾雨翔 (verified owner)

    I like it! The course is amazing and useful. I have learned a lot!

  48. 陈奕宁

    Good course and good teacher.

  49. Deng Xiaolan

    This course improve my ability to speech and broaden my horizons

  50. Helin Zhou (verified owner)

    The teacher is humorous and nice. This course is wonderful!

  51. yaoyutang (verified owner)

    very good

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