• This course is designed for students wishing to improve their ability to study effectively in English.


  • Students should have completed the Level 4 Course or equivalent.
  • A computer with internet access (for forum posts and online meetings)
  • A PDF file reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader)


  • Approx. 100 hours

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:
•    read and understand a range of authentic academic texts
•    listen to lectures and presentations
•    write a variety of essays and other assignments
•    participate in seminars and group discussions
•    prepare and give presentations
•    improve study skills such as planning, note-taking and research techniques
•    critical thinking
•    recognize and use academic grammar
•    learn and use academic vocabulary.


VIP Silver – includes access to the practice tests during the course and the End of course certificate.

VIP Gold – all VIP Silver features plus weekly forum feedback and weekly group conferences through Zoom or TenCent Meeting (Voov) where you can practice with an EDUZMS Education specialist.

34 reviews for English for Academic Purposes – Level 5 – Advanced – VIP Gold

  1. Xing Lixian

    The teacher is nice and friendly.

  2. sunhongjie

    very good

  3. lixiangrui


  4. Xinxin

    The class is useful, and James is so interesting.

  5. 陈佳龙

    interesting courses, great teacher!

  6. syh

    excellent class

  7. Shaobo Wu

    Great course,useful materials,easy to follow

  8. yanaichu

    this course is very good

  9. Xinxin

    The class is useful and James is so interesting.

  10. sunhongjie


  11. MaShujiao

    James is very nice, I have learned a lot through this course.


    Course is great. Teacher James is so good at making complex things easy for us new.

  13. Hzy

    Good writing teachers

  14. Huang

    The learning content of the course is rich, and the teacher is very kind in class

  15. Liu xingxing

    Mr. James is a very gentle teacher. He shares many interesting things with us in class, I really learned a lot.

  16. Zhang xiaoqi

    Here I learned how to write different types of articles and how to start. It is useful for me.

  17. Renhuizhen

    The course is very good, I learned a lot!

  18. Bao Bingyan

    I gained a lot from this course and learned a lot of writing skills and methods.

  19. Ma xu

    Excellent course, worth learning

  20. Xing Lixian

    The teacher speaks fluent British English

  21. Ning zihan

    He makes the class more interesting

  22. Yixi Li

    This cource is useful. I learn a lot.

  23. Pan Zijian

    This course is very beneficial to the improvement of academic English and I have gained a lot.

  24. Pan Zhaoyang

    English for Academic Purposes – Level 5 – Advanced – VIP Gold

  25. Liao Wenkai

    Through this course, I have mastered the drawing of mind maps, the establishment of article structures, and the filling of main details, and have initially acquired the writing ability of different types of academic topic papers

  26. Xiaoyi Wang

    A lot of useful skills for writing an (academic) essay.

  27. Wang Mengxuan

    The teacher was conscientious and responsible, and I learned a lot. I wish this course to get better and better!

  28. Wang Ao

    The lectures are accompanied by specific examples and exercises, which are clear and useful.

  29. Pan Zhaoyang

    very good and interesting

  30. Bob

    The teacher talked about a lot of details in writing, gave a lot of interesting examples, and talked about the writing framework and writing logic of different types of articles, all of which were very practical.

  31. Mao Lin

    The teacher’s thinking is clear, the speech is smooth, the arrangement is reasonable, and the effect is good.

  32. Chen Pengpeng

    This teacher is so good!!!!!!!

  33. huangyalin


  34. Ye Yonghong

    High teaching enthusiasm from the teacher infected us, to mobilize the teaching atmosphere, so that we were in the psychological resonance and got into the best learning state. Moreover, though I’m poor in spoken English, the teacher is patient with me. Thanks a lot for your earnest teaching.

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