• This course is designed for students wishing to practice for the IELTS Listening exam.


  • A computer with internet access


  • approx. 40 mins.

11 reviews for IELTS Listening – Mock Exam 2

  1. Huang zhaoyang

    the difficulty of the former part is perfect while the latter is too difficult!

  2. Zhang Han

    It’ s too difficult for me ,an ordinary student with poor hearing .

  3. Zhang Han

    It too difficult .

  4. Wu Rongyong

    It is difficult.

  5. Li Yu

    At my current level,I am not suitable for doing this practice.

  6. Liu Yining

    difficult but useful,it helps me improve my grade.

  7. Xintong Lin

    It’s so difficult that I have to listen again and again, but we can’t deny that it’s a good exam for listening.

  8. Liang ying

    To be honest, comparing this test with model test 1, it is easier. But I can’t get better grades, I think the reason why the situation happened is that I am careless and unfamliar with how the systems’ judge whether the answer is right. I can’t distinguish between singular and plural very well.Besides, I can’t identify some words when the speakers are saying,which is similar to model test 1. Maybe I should practice more to improve myself.

  9. Li Jiayu

    it is difficult, making me recognize my weakness

  10. Shi MengJu

    So difficult,it helps me find that i am silly and i need to improve my listening capability.

  11. zhoulu

    It is good!There is a good test for listening.

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