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Our main learning MOOC is powered by Moodle.  A variety of courses that include a variety of English types: IELTS, Academic, Business, TOFEL, CET etc.

Most courses are subscribed to at Bronze level.  For additional features and services VIP Silver and VIP Gold are available.

If you are looking for a more blended solution, please email us at sales@eduzms.com.

VIP Upgrades available

ALL of our courses allow self-study, peer review and reflection but if you want feedback from dedicated experts you need to upgrade to either our Silver or Gold VIP levels.

The service does vary from course to course, but as an example, IELTS Speaking VIP Silver allows access to both Mock Tests that are held during the course, whereas VIP gold includes the mock tests and weekly feedback on your progress from an EDUZMS IELTS specialist.

James (and his team) offer students information and courses about the IELTS exam.  This includes some Tips and Tricks on all parts of the exam as well as some example videos of where you can improve your score.

On his dedicated pages, there are also example Speaking and Writing questions that you can download and practice on for free and well as some videos with example answers for some of the Speaking questions.

Click above to go to his site for more information.


Our parent company that has either written or acquired the copyright to much of the material currently used at universities by our consultants around BeiJing. They supply some of these for free, some under the Creative Commons Licence and some are copyrighted.

Creative Commons Licence

Much of the material on the EDUZMS Online Academy site is under the creative commons licence.  We feel that education should be available to all and shared and copied as much as possible as long as the credit is given where it’s due and that it is not used by others for a profit where the NC badge is used.

Where material is copyrighted, it is clearly shown.

Join courses from DJH to improve on your Business English. Expert providers that work with a number of companies to develop their staff’s English level.

Click above to go to his dedicated site for more information.