New IIEA Partnership


中国,北京/ 2021年9月1日





“我们很高兴与James Foster和EDUZMS的团队合作来提供所需的个性化和专业服务,以确保每个学生都能达到他们所需的学习成绩(通常是雅思6.0级),让他们对于前往爱尔兰留学有十足的信心,”IIEA创始人Ciaran Lally说:“这对我们的大学合作伙伴来说也有非常显著的好处,因为它们的每个学生抵达爱尔兰之前都已获得值得信赖的合作伙伴进行的雅思级别的准确认证。”

EDUZMS雅思首席专家James Foster说:“EDUZMS一直致力于为中国学生提供最优质的辅导,我们与北京大学(国际教育HDC)等知名大学和Refinitiv等公司的长期合作证明了这一点。同时,我们认为IIEA与留学相关的的优质教育方法使他们成为我们的理想合作伙伴”,

Beijing, PR China/1st September 2021

EDUZMS has partnered with Ireland International Education Alliance (IIEA) to offer best in class intensive English solutions to Schools and Colleges across China to prepare students for their onward travel and study in Ireland.

Effective today, IIEA will offer EDUZMS blended learning products to high school, vocational colleges, and academic universities across China as part of its total solution to prepare students to travel to Ireland to undertake a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

With over 20 years of experience in IELTS tutoring in China, the EDUZMS team offers courses in listening, speaking, reading and writing designed to improve student’s proficiency from IELTS 3.0 to 6.0 over the course of two semesters. Students will self-study between one and two hours per day and take a weekly one-hour class online with an experienced tutor. Many EDUZMS tutors are ex-IELTS examiners possessing more than 100 years of tutoring experience between them. Significant personalized tutor feedback will be provided each step of the way, along with tips and practice or “mock” exams to provide students with the best possible chance of achieving their goals. The EDUZMS online system includes complete content, big data and analytics as well as small class tutoring.

“We are delighted to work with James Foster and the team at EDUZMS to provide the kind of personalized and professional service required to ensure that every student can reach their required study outcomes (usually IELTS level 6.0) and travel to Ireland to commence their studies with complete confidence. This will also be of very significant benefit to our College and University partners to know that every student has been certified at the appropriate level by a trusted partner prior to arriving in Ireland” said Ciaran Lally, Founder of IIEA.

“EDUZMS has always been committed to providing the best quality tutoring available to Chinese students as evidenced by our long-standing relationships with prestigious universities such as Peking University (with HDC) and companies such as Refinitiv. We feel that IIEA’s quality approach to overseas study makes them an ideal partner for us” said James Foster, Lead IELTS Specialist, EDUZMS.